Our Approach to Design

Prince’s Trust Australia is dedicated to best practice design. We considered the research, engaged design experts DeakinCo and The Eventful Learning Co, and collaborated with students, teachers and subject matter experts through co design to inform the development of Achieve.

The Achieve framework was developed using the following design principles:

  • Provide simple solutions to address a variety of challenges that schools, and students are facing
  • Develop enterprise mindsets, skills and capabilities
  • Adapt to any school or educational environment
  • Enable and amplify existing education frameworks, programs, campaigns and initiatives within school and community
  • Be flexible in its approach and ability to deliver across multiple age groups
  • Enable educators to support young people without adding extra pressure to their workload

Achieve uses high impact learning design to activate skills and deepen content knowledge through experiences. This methodology is reproduced with credit to High Resolves and Composer.



The Achieve Structure

The Achieve framework has been developed to consist of 4 key components:

Who I am: A foundation block underpinned in research that sparks ideas for participants to identify their interests, assess their skills and start to explore how connect to potential career pathways.

The Twenties: An ever-evolving set of twenty-minute micro learnings that develop enterprise skills and grow in complexity. The initial set of “twenties” more than 50 activities, which are being added to everyday. The benefit of this model is that it allows young people to have a great sense of achievement in a short period of time, and allows the momentum to grow as they continue to achieve new “twenties”.

TAKE Action: Aligning with a range of established local and global organisations to work alongside them through existing social action campaigns and work experience opportunities.

MAKE Action: A choice block to start something new using refined & defined skills. Whether a social action campaign, social enterprise or engaging in work experience, MAKE action is participant led.


Deliver Achieve Your Way

Achieve can be undertaken from as little as 10 hours.

Best practice learning science suggests that in order to reach mastery, participants must undertake a minimum of 8 Twenties which increase in complexity. This ensures a profound and increasingly challenging learning experience.

With your structure in place using all of the mastery components, your Achieve journey can take place over a period of time as short as a few days, or across several terms.